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Production for our 2017 exams has commenced.  Our Biology Topic and Chemistry Unit tests have been distributed.

The Unit 1 exams are under production - available late April and the remainder of the exams early 2nd semester (August).

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Note All exams are available for backorder and will be automatically distributed when ready.  Please like our Facebook page to receive notification of delivery dates and times


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2017 Biology Topic / Chemistry Unit Tests

  • Biology Topic Tests Unit 3 - Delivered 20/03/17
  • Biology Topic Tests Unit 4 - Delivered 23/07/17         
  • Chemistry Unit Tests Unit 3 - Delivered 20/03/17
  • Chemistry Unit Tests Unit 4 - Delivered 07/07/17


2017 Trial Exams - "Dual Format" Unit 1 (90 minutes)

  • BI-01 Biology Trial Exam Unit 1 - Delivered 10/05/17
  • CH-01 Chemistry Trial Exam Unit 1 - Delivered 08/05/17
  • PH-01 Physics Trial Exam Unit 1 - Delivered 16/05/17
  • PS-01 Psychology Trial Exam Unit 1 - Delivered 16/05/17


2017 Trial Exams - "Dual Format" Unit 2 (90 minutes)

  • BI-02 Biology Trial Exam Unit 2 - ETA 11/08/17
  • CH-02 Chemistry Trial Exam Unit 2 - Delivered 23/07/17
  • PH-02 Physics Trial Exam Unit 2 - 07/08/17
  • PS-02 Psychology Trial Exam Unit 2 - 02/08/17


2017 Trial Exams Combined Unit (2.5 hours)

  • BI-11 Biol Trial Exams Units 1/2 - ETA 11/08/17
  • CH-11 Chem Trial Exams Units 1/2 - ETA 07/08/17
  • PH-11 Phys Trial Exams Units 1/2 - ETA 07/08/17
  • PS-11 Psych Trial Exams Units 1/2 - ETA 05/08/17
  • BI-12 Biol Trial Exams Units 3/4 - ETA 11/08/17
  • CH-12 Chem Trial Exams Units 3/4 - Delivered 24/07/17
  • PH-12 Phys Trial Exams Units 3/4 - ETA 14/08/17
  • PS-12 Psych Trial Exams Units 3/4 - Delivered 31/07/17


Introducing our new, flexible dual format for Year 11 exams. Our Year 11 trial exams are being published in a dual format, enabling you flexibility in how you set your Year 11 exam. For the one price, you purchase a single exam with a dual format that enables you to examine the students on both units 1 and 2 in a single 2.5 hour exam, or to examine units 1 and 2 separately, in two 90 minute exams.

The recent changes in the VCE curriculum resulted in a move to a single, year-end exam, thus discontinuing the mid-year exam. At Learning Materials by Lisachem, all of our learning resources reflect this curricular and structural change, and for the sake of continuity, our Year 11 trial exams have also been reduced to a single, year-end exam. The changes in curriculum have also rendered obsolete some of the questions on our previous exam papers. We are aware of the wide-spread use of previous exams by teachers to help improve exam technique and performance in their students, so we have produced a document detailing which questions are no longer relevant to the new curriculum.

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As teachers you will know how busy the year can be, so we thank you for your patience whilst our (practicing) VCE teachers prepare the 2016 trial exams and tests. Please refer to our list below for estimated delivery dates of our tests and exams.


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