How to Use Study Guides!

How to use your study guide 

Bought one of our study guides? Here are some ways to make the best use of them 

A good tool needs to be used the right way. So how exactly should a study guide be used? 

  • Develop a set of questions before you start reading your study guide. What do you want or need to learn? What did you find tricky in class?  
  • Next, consider your study guide as a prompt for additional questions. Imagine your questions are like the ‘refresh’ button on your browser – prompting you to refresh your brain and recall what you’ve already learned and what you need to add to your knowledge. 
  • Read over your study materials and use the practice questions to review your knowledge.  
  • When you finish reading a passage or page, put down the guide and practice explaining it in your own words. 
  • Use your study guide to determine where you have gaps in knowledge. Focus on filling those gaps by reading your study guide, talking with your teacher, and paraphrasing the knowledge into your own words. 


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