We’re so excited to offer our two books Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 3 and Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 4 by first-class author and distinguished Chemistry VCE teacher, Pat O’Shea. This user-friendly guide is designed specifically to prime Year 12 Chemistry students to achieve better results in their VCE examination, by focusing their attention on the material that really matters. This book is suited to highly academic students wishing to ‘flip’ their learning by working ahead of the classroom teacher, as well as less advanced students seeking a more visual representation of key concepts than that found in traditional Chemistry texts. Each segment of the course is dealt with in chronological order with in-depth explanations and relevant examples to help the student understand the concept and prepare for the exam. The book contains relevant examples to help consolidate knowledge and encourage the development of investigative skills and it is packed with self-testing questions to reinforce students’ learning. Solutions to self-testing and further questions are found at the end of each chapter.

Purchase individually for $40 each or go to our Bundles page and buy both editions for $70.