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Yes, our exams and tests are re-written every year and always adhere to the latest study design.

22 104 762 834. 

We sell trial exams, unit/topic tests for VCE Units 1-4 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. We also sell a range of study guides targeted to the VCE curriculum. Please visit our Products page for more detailed information. 

When you purchase a Learning Materials trial exam, you can be assured you are buying a quality product, written by experienced and practising VCE teachers. Our exams adhere to the current study design and are written to give the student targeted practice, with the ultimate aim of improving students’ performance in their VCE exams. This, coupled with our limited copyright, makes our exams an invaluable learning tool. 

Our writers are all practising VCE teachers, who are well-respected within their own discipline. Visit our About Us page to find out more. 

Yes, all of our materials adhere to the current study design. 

Yes, the format of our exams follows the VCAA guidelines and is a realistic representation of what to expect in the VCE exams. 

No, as our exams are used under test conditions, it would negate the exam if we sold to students. Only schools and approved tutors can purchase our current exams. However, students can purchase our Chemistry study guides. 

We have four ways to order: by phone, by fax, by email or via our online ordering system. Click here to order online. 

Bundles enable you to purchase our exams at a reduced cost. We have several bundles for purchase: the Year 11 bundle contains all Year 11 exams; the Year 12 bundle contains all Year 12 exams and tests; the ‘Science’ bundle contains all of both Year 11 and Year 12 trial exams for all subjects; the ‘Total Science’ bundle contains all of both Year 11 and Year 12 trial exams plus all of our topic tests (for Biology) and unit tests (for Chemistry). 

Every year our writers put pen to paper and think up brand new questions to test your students! All our exams are written from scratch each year, which allows us to capture any late changes made by VCAA. Please visit our product pages to check on the estimated delivery date of an exam or test.

Our exams are available electronically, in PDF format via download link.  

The principal benefit of ordering electronic exams is the ease with which you are able to print multiple copies, taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness of printing versus photocopying. Our limited copyright allows you to save our exams on your school intranet for future use and duplicate unlimited copies for use within your school.

At this stage, our books are only available in hardcopy and are shipped via Australia Post. 

Limited copyright. Copyright 2022 Limited Edition Publishing Pty Ltd t/- Learning Materials (Publisher). This paper may be reproduced in the manner set out below, for use only within a school that has purchased the material (Purchasing School). An electronic copy of this paper may be placed on the intranet of the Purchasing School for exclusive use by the teachers and students of the Purchasing School. This paper may not otherwise be reproduced (all or in part) including by way of electronic reproduction, scanning into a school computer, forwarding via email, or placing on the Internet, without the written consent of the Publisher.

Our limited copyright only pertains to our trial exams. It allows the school that has purchased the exam to print or photocopy unlimited copies of that exam for use within their school.

No – our books are subject to normal copyright laws. 

Yes. We encourage schools to save our exams on their intranet for future use. However, they may not otherwise be reproduced (all or in part) electronically, scanned into a school computer, forwarded via email, or placed on the Internet, without the written consent of the publisher. 

We would be happy to send you a sample of our exams; please contact us at 

If you are ordering on behalf of your school, please provide a purchase order number (or N/A if not required) and we will send your invoice with your order. For all other purchases, we have Paypal and credit card facilities on our website. 

Many teachers use our study guides as in-class study texts. With this in mind, we developed a novel approach to bulk buying, known as Class Sets. This system of ordering provides students with bulk discount and free shipping, and the teacher benefits too by receiving a complimentary copy of the study guide.