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Due to the current COVID restrictions, we have decided to update our copyright agreement to assist our teachers and schools. Please refer to the email below:

As a condition of sale, Learning Materials' trial exams and topic tests all come with a strict, limited copyright, which allows reproduction of the publications only within the school that has purchased the materials. (See full agreement below.)


© Limited copyright. This paper may be reproduced without charge for use only within the school that has purchased the material.  Our electronic copy only may be placed on the school intranet for exclusive use by the teachers and students of the school that has purchased the material. They may not otherwise be reproduced (all or part) electronically, scanned into a school computer, forwarded via email, or placed on the Internet, without written consent of the publisher.


In the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, and with particular reference to the home/online schooling prevalent across Melbourne Metropolitan area and in some regional areas, we have decided to provide a temporary exemption to this condition of sale. So, with immediate effect and for the remainder of the home-schooling period, we will allow Learning Materials' exams and tests to be emailed to registered students of your school or shared on your school intranet system, and printed for use by your students.

We trust that you will respect this gesture and that you will endeavour to ensure the materials stay within your own school community. We ask that you remind your students and fellow teachers that these materials remain the Intellectual Property of Learning Materials, and thus access must be strictly limited to staff and students of just your school.

 In these challenging times we hope our trial exams and topic tests are helping to keep your students engaged in their VCE subjects, as well as prepare them for their forthcoming exams.

We are thrilled to announce the release of our much anticipated Year 11 resource, “VCE Chemistry Essentials Unit 2” by renowned author, Pat O’Shea. This study guide completes our VCE Essentials series, and we know it will be a valued addition to your resources.

  • Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 1
  • Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 2
  • (available now)
  • Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 3
  • Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 4

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Our most frequently asked question: "Do your exams conform to the current VCAA study design?"

And that would be a big YES

As we speak our teachers are busily preparing this years exams, which incorporate all of VCAA's latest changes.

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You'll notice we've started on the topic/unit tests and some Unit 1 exams. Rest assured our writers have their noses to the grindstone to delivery your exams, with our brand new questions!

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