2021 Exam News

Happy New Year, everyone! What an incredibly difficult and trying time we had last year.

Our hardworking team have started on our 2021 trial exams and tests (brand new questions, every year). For estimated delivery dates please go to https://www.learningmaterials.com.au/edd.

We're updating our order form as we speak and it will be ready soon.

Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials

We are delighted to announce our Chemistry VCE Essentials - Unit 2 written by our first-class Pat O'Shea is on schedule for release in February. This will round off our series for these books.

Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 1

Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 2 (available Feb 2021) 

 Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 3

 Chemistry 12 VCE Essentials Unit 4


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